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Image by Samuel Branch


I am not a politician and

I have never run for office before!

I am Joseph Pucci, an insurance broker,

a husband, and a father, who has had enough of the fiscal burden and unconstitutional “rules” levied on my friends and neighbors in Oakland County.

I am deeply concerned about the direction of my county and community, as well as our state and country. Our political system needs to be restored to the way our founders intended government to be. Everyday Americans like me,

taking time from regular life to engage in local government, run for office and actually represent their constituents.I am not beholden to anyone, not big business, lobbyists, nor special interest groups. Oakland County needs leaders with conservative values, who understand that the American dream is not through mandates, restrictions, irresponsible spending, and implementing radical ideologies.

With your help, I will restore the balance of power back to you, the citizens of Oakland County by:

• Demanding Fiscal Responsibility – no more reckless spending in Oakland County.

• Fully funding Law Enforcement for their safety and that of our residents.

• Holding the Commissioner panel accountable – no more secret meetings or committee votes! Transparency is key for Oakland County constituents.

• Protecting our children’s future – promote academic excellence and American values, not indoctrination with CRT, woke ideologies, illegitimate mask mandates, and other radical concepts. Children belong to the parents, and it is our constitutional liberties that give us the right, the input, and choice in their upbringing and educational value system.

• Oppose any cloak and dagger federal refugee resettlement in Oakland County or any county funded housing and transit that support it.

• Fight for small business owners and job creators to ensure your rights to operate a business are never infringed on again. Your business is essential to Oakland Counties viability.

Let me represent you Oakland County!


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